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Life is a race

One of the things I hated most while in the Army was the Army Physical Fitness Test. This test, done about once every two to three months, was the Army’s way of tracking your physical fitness. We were given two minutes to perform as many push-ups as possible and then two minutes for as many sit-ups as possible. After that, there was a two-mile run to be completed in as little time as possible.

Of all these, I hated the two-mile run. As I got closer to my discharge in 2000 and exercised less, this became tougher to do. Even when I was in shape, by the third lap I could feel my lungs burn as I encouraged myself by reaching the halfway point. Once I completed the sixth lap, I’d tell myself I had only two left, and once the seventh lap was done, I’d start to jog faster as I completed the final lap. In the last 100 yards I’d sprint. When the run was over, I was very glad.

Our Christian walk is like a race. We get spiritually winded and fatigued as we run, wanting desperately to either slow to walk or even quit altogether. Those who’ve completed the race and are in heaven now cheer us on from the stands of heaven, encouraging us to fight the good fight, finish our course and keep the faith.

Paul writes in Galatians 6:9 that we are not to be weary in this life, and that we’ll reap spiritual benefits if we don’t quit.

If you feel discouraged with your walk or frustrated with how tough life can be, take encouragement in knowing that once this life is over, we’ll have all eternity to relax.

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