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Idiot, ignorant Kansas "church" sounds off on Heath Ledger

So, the folks at that crazy Kansas “Baptist” church* believe that God hates homosexuals…and they plan on protesting at the funeral of the late actor Heath Ledger, whom they have a special hatred for because of his role as a closeted homosexual cowboy in the film Brokeback Mountain. One of the members of the church has even proclaimed that Heath Ledger is in hell because of his views on and promotion of the gay lifestyle. And if that’s not enough, they’ve even written an open letter to the Ledger family. (The family has been keeping the details of the actor’s funeral a secret so as not to let the church and other crazies out there go and protest).

Silly me, I thought people went to eternal punishment for rejecting Jesus Christ as their personal savior. I imagine there are far more heterosexuals in hell than there are those who are gay (especially when you consider that those who are gay make up about one to three percent of the population).

In the past, I’ve perused over this church’s doctrinal statements. If anything, it’s a horrible caricature of Christianity—a works salvation taken to extremes. As a Christian, I disagree with the homosexuality lifestyle. However, I don’t hate gays and I’ve even worked with gay people (generally, they are among the nicest people I’ve ever known). We really need to step up our efforts to evangelize the gay community and show them who Jesus really is.

If this “church” is a Christian church, then I’m Brad Pitt.

*I have purposely not disclosed the name of the church or its Website. It’s easy enough to find, but I prefer not to give them the pleasure of being named.

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