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Paying taxes: What Would Jesus Do?

So, actor Wesley Snipes is on trial for alleged tax fraud. The federal government says that Snipes owes millions of dollars in taxes that he improperly claimed as refunds. Snipes’ attorneys deny the accusations and apparently are so confident of their client’s innocence that they didn’t even offer up a defense. One report says Snipes has argued that he was the victim of bad tax advice while another says that his attorneys are arguing that the federal government has no legal authority to collect taxes. As I get ready to file my own taxes this year (I already have my freelance writing records in order), I am reminded of what Jesus said about paying taxes in Matthew 22:21: Render unto Caesar (in our case, the federal government) what belongs to Caesar and unto God what belongs to God.

In other words, save yourself a lot of money and legal headaches and just pay your taxes.

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