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Pray for Huang Chuncai

He’s a Chinese man who recently received the second of what will be many operations. Doctors are working to remove facial tumors (which originally weighed an astonishing 23 kilograms, or about 50.7 pounds). For Huang, the tumors have been growing since he was a child; he’s in his early thirties now. My understanding is that doctors in China removed 13 kilograms in the first operation and have removed more of the tumors in the second operation. Once all the tumors are removed, the next step for Huang will be facial reconstructive surgery. The tumors have stretched out his face, knocked out his teeth and have even blocked one of his eyes.

This link is a recent one. CAUTION: The images are very graphic. If you have a weak stomach, you might want to skip this. I post this because this man’s plight needs attention. May God work His way in Huang’s crisis.

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