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Thai food delicacies: why I'd make a terrible missionary

August 19, 2008 Leave a comment

I’d make a terrible missionary. Today at work, I was doing some research about Thai cuisine. I love Asian food (Chinese and Korean especially) and remember trying Thai once while in California. Unusual in that it can be sweet, but otherwise pretty good. Well, while reading on the Internet about the cuisine, I learned that the Thai people like to cook insects.
And not just any insects, but the ones that especially gross me out.

Water bugs.


I understand that in some parts of the world it’s considered wasteful not to eat things that are readily available. For me, since cockroaches and their water bug cousins have always terrified me, I think I’d probably vomit if I tried to eat one.

Makes vegetarianism seem appealing.

A college friend, serving in an area of the world that I can’t identify, told me of some of the unusual food items in the country he’s at. Yikes.

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What saith the Scriptures?

August 17, 2008 Leave a comment

One former pastor of mine has said on many occasions that this is the best thing to ask when dealing with tough issues. In my life, I’ve found this to be great advice. However, be careful when dealing with an issue where Scripture is either ambiguous or silent. On those issues, pray for the Lord’s guidance, go where He leads you and take it from there. If others differ, realize that godly people will differ on issues where the Bible isn’t clear about them and move on.

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