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Looking for a New Open Bible, KJV

April 10, 2009 Leave a comment

My old one, which had high sentimental value, was misplaced during our move three years ago and was found recently in the basement of our old place. A basement that floods. The Bible, a high school graduation gift, was ruined. Gone are the autographs in it of several ministers, including the late Dr. Jack Hyles*. Gone also is the list of people I’ve led to the Lord over the years.

My wife tells me the list is not as important as the act, but, again, I’m very sentimental.

The Bible was a KJV New Open┬áBible. It didn’t have a lot of commentary like the Ryries and Zondervan Bibles do, but it did have a lot of great charts, doctrinal discussions and brief archeological lessons. For example, this interesting fact about ancient Assyria: the Assyrians never mentioned their defeats in their official records–only their victories. The siege on Jerusalem where a miraculous plague wiped out the army ends in the records with the Assyrian king talking how he had Israel’s King Jehu “like a bird in a cage.”

On the advice of a former pastor of mine, I’ve checked out a few sites. They seem to have the New Open Bible KJV but in hard cover. I prefer genuine leather (not bonded leather). If you know where I can find a genuine leather bound one, please drop me a line here.

* In recent years, I’ve grown to be very critical of Dr. Hyles. Be that as it may, while he did indeed have faults, I have no doubt there are people in heaven or who will be in heaven because of his preaching or witness. And since he is now with the Lord, that autograph is irreplacable. One of these days, I’ll have to blog about the first and only time I heard Dr. Hyles preach.