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Songs I'd love to have played at my funeral

My wife has asked me to not request any “Weird Al” Yankovic songs since she feels that would be too farcical. So, for now, I have a short list of songs I’d like to have played/sung at my funeral. I’m in good health and not dying, but I figure it’s never too early to have something in mind:

“Jesus is the Answer” by Michael W. Smith (a great song that reminds us God’s in control in this insane world)

“Farther Along” an old Southern Gospel hymn by J.R. Baxter and W.B. Stevens, it’s an encouraging song reminding us that someday in heaven, God will provide answers for all those heartaching questions.

“The Golden City” — not sure exactly who sings it, but it’s a song reminding of us of the beauty of eternity and how all this suffering is only temporary.

And, of course, “Amazing Grace”. I’m not Scottish, but the way it sounds on bagpipes is beautiful.

I’ve also told Jennifer this request: nobody wears black. Colors I’d rather have worn: royal blue, kelly green, scarlet red, purple and yellow. Bright colors. Black is too somber.

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