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The Perfect Perspective on Pastoring

Sorry about the alliteration…that’s a homage to the Christian circles I grew up in. The idea is that a sermon outline should have points with alliteration to make them easier to remember. I’ll never forget how at Pensacola Christian College, Pastor Jim Schettler (who now pastors at First Baptist Church of Santa Maria, California) used to preach on “The Four Fatal Phrases of February.”

Speaking of pastoring, as the church I attend looks for a pastor, I really hope they find one with the right perspective on the job. Ken Collins, on his website, wrote How to Pastor a Church. This is priceless advice that more pastors need to follow–especially when you take into account how Satan works non-stop to make as many churches and pastors as possible fail and fall from the ministry.

And you know something else? I’m finding that as a Christian and a writer, it’s also very applicable to my own life as well.

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