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I found my Bible!

Online, they have the large-print edition of the New Open Study Bible (King James Version, of course). Yes, having a large-print edition is ostensibly a sign of getting old, even though I’ve worn glasses for 25 years, but I like this version. A lot. Now all I have to do are two things: try to fine either a hard cover or (preferably) a genuine leather cover and then get the funds to buy it.

My prior NOSB was a high school graduation gift from my pastor. It was used a lot over the years and had personal information in it along with autographs from these pastors: Dr. Johnny Pope, Jonathan King of the Roloff Homes, Dr. Phil Shuler, Dr. Gary Coleman (the pastor of Garland, Texas’ Lavon Drive Baptist Church and not to be confused with the child star of Diff’rent Strokes), Richard Martin (the father of my wife’s maid of honor and who currently pastors in Kerrville, Texas), Pastor Tim Stowe of Beeville Baptist Church and the late Dr. Jack Hyles* of Hammond, Ind.’s First Baptist Church. Alas, those are all gone: during a move, the Bible was packed into a box and placed in our basement. The basement flooded, and the Bible was destroyed.

I like this Bible because it has lots of great historical information about Biblical events, and it also contains great maps, outlines and something I personally like: the transliterated original names of the books in Hebrew and Greek.

* Dr. Hyles passed away on February 6, 2001, on my 28th birthday. I obtained his autograph in 1994 while he was preaching at San Antonio’s Liberty Baptist Church. He showed up on stage during the final stanza of the final song before his sermon, preached on regaining one’s first love and even signed a few Bibles afterward. My brother-in-law, Joe, told me it was a rarity since Dr. Hyles often left the church immediately after preaching. Why? I’m guessing he had a busy schedule. Admittedly, I am not a huge fan of Dr. Hyles now, but it was a treat to get his signature. I remember later getting Dr. Pope’s autograph and he did a quick double-take when he saw Dr. Hyles’ name (Dr. Hyles presided over the marriage ceremony of Dr. Pope and his wife).

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