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Thoughts on Amy Grant, an outlander among the IFB


I remember when my oldest sister became a Christian in the early 1980s, one singer she was into then was Amy Grant. I remember songs like “Sing Your Praise to the Lord” (one I loved), “Angels Watching Over Me” and “Old Man’s Rubble”.

Over the years, Christians have soured on Ms. Grant as her marriage ended in divorce and she married Vince Gill (who also was divorced). One friend referred to her as a “home wrecker”.

Understand, I’m not trying to justify anything Ms. Grant may have done wrong, but I wonder if there’s far more to the story. In my family, there have been a few divorces. It’s best to get the facts.

Divorce aside, Grant has also generated controversy among independent, fundamental Baptist circles over reports she was once found sunbathing nude, how she drinks wine, etc. O, the scandals!

I have a few of her songs on my computer and receive blessings when hearing them. I know some Christians avoid her music like the plague, but just remember that people in public service for God have long had faults. King David was an adulterer, murderer and an inattentive father. Jonah the prophet was the Marquis de Sade of his day, hoping God would destroy the people of Nineveh despite their repentance. The Apostle Paul apparently had anger problems that took years to solve. Peter was impulsive and frequently spoke before thinking (something I can relate with). Solomon, I suspect, was one of the all-time great womanizers, one who would’ve put KISS bassist Gene Simmons (who’s an Israeli-born Hungarian Jew, by the way) to shame. Does this mean we should ignore their works?

It’s a personal preference, mind you. If you wish to avoid Ms. Grant, then do what you feel comfortable with.

One gentleman noted that Christianity does an alarmingly good job of shooting its own.

'Contradictions' in the Bible

I don’t remember the title, but I encountered an old book at the local library that deals with “contradictions” in the Bible. I perused through it, my stomach churning, wondering if I’d still have my faith.

Actually, it was pretty funny. Many of the “contradictions” were easily refutable, such as a passage where Jesus declares He’s God and then another where he all but says he’s not God. Of course, the latter deals with Jesus’ early ministry when he was keeping a low profile and the former later on when he’s closer to crucifixion.

Another “contradiction” deals with the census in Israel and how 2 Samuel 24 and 1 Chronicles 21. Have conflicting numbers on the same census. How quickly people forget that the ancient world didn’t have access to the same technology we use for counting, never mind that the Israelites, I understand, weren’t know for mathematics.

Some also point out that one version says Satan moved David to do the census while the other account says God. It is entirely possible that Israel had sinned against God, and the census was part of His plan for bringing across judgment. If it was his plan to allow it, then He in turn allowed Satan to move to do the census.

I find that virtually all of the “contradictions” in the Bible come from a poor understanding of the context and a hurried attempt at research.

One of these days on this blog, I’ll start doing a series about “contradictions” and how they can be easily explained. There are those who attribute some “contradictions” to “copyist errors”, which opens the proverbial Pandora’s Box: if the Bible has a copyist error in one section, where else are they?

Happy Birthday, Robert and Kimberly!

Robby is my son, who turns nine today. Kim is my sister, who died in infancy and would’ve been 44 today.

When my wife was pregnant with Robby, her having a C-section allowed us to choose the delivery date. We had originally planned to name Robert after Kim (we originally thought we were having a girl) and asked if the delivery could be done on June 15. The doctor said yes.

So, Robby and his aunt (whom we’ll see one day in heaven) share a birthday!

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The Writing Life and How it Applies to Christianity

As a writer, one of the most useful books I own is a copy of Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. In this book, Mr. King says there’s one primary thing a writer must do to become a great writer: read a lot. A writer who doesn’t read, Mr. King explains, won’t really be able to see what works and what doesn’t work in the literary world–especially in the genre they wish to specialize in.

The same rings true for Christianity. If you want to know how to live the Christian life, daily Bible reading is the way to go at it. A Christian who’s not spending time each day reading the Bible and praying can’t possibly wonder why they don’t know what God wants for their life. Think of that kids’ song: Read your Bible, pray every day and you will grow. Neglect your Bible, forget to pray and you will shrink.

'This Was Your Life!' Chick Tract


Admittedly, I’m not a fan of all of Jack Chick’s tracts, but this one’s a classic with a straightforward salvation message. It’s also his best-seller. Enjoy, and God bless.