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'Contradictions' in the Bible

I don’t remember the title, but I encountered an old book at the local library that deals with “contradictions” in the Bible. I perused through it, my stomach churning, wondering if I’d still have my faith.

Actually, it was pretty funny. Many of the “contradictions” were easily refutable, such as a passage where Jesus declares He’s God and then another where he all but says he’s not God. Of course, the latter deals with Jesus’ early ministry when he was keeping a low profile and the former later on when he’s closer to crucifixion.

Another “contradiction” deals with the census in Israel and how 2 Samuel 24 and 1 Chronicles 21. Have conflicting numbers on the same census. How quickly people forget that the ancient world didn’t have access to the same technology we use for counting, never mind that the Israelites, I understand, weren’t know for mathematics.

Some also point out that one version says Satan moved David to do the census while the other account says God. It is entirely possible that Israel had sinned against God, and the census was part of His plan for bringing across judgment. If it was his plan to allow it, then He in turn allowed Satan to move to do the census.

I find that virtually all of the “contradictions” in the Bible come from a poor understanding of the context and a hurried attempt at research.

One of these days on this blog, I’ll start doing a series about “contradictions” and how they can be easily explained. There are those who attribute some “contradictions” to “copyist errors”, which opens the proverbial Pandora’s Box: if the Bible has a copyist error in one section, where else are they?

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