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Thoughts on Amy Grant, an outlander among the IFB


I remember when my oldest sister became a Christian in the early 1980s, one singer she was into then was Amy Grant. I remember songs like “Sing Your Praise to the Lord” (one I loved), “Angels Watching Over Me” and “Old Man’s Rubble”.

Over the years, Christians have soured on Ms. Grant as her marriage ended in divorce and she married Vince Gill (who also was divorced). One friend referred to her as a “home wrecker”.

Understand, I’m not trying to justify anything Ms. Grant may have done wrong, but I wonder if there’s far more to the story. In my family, there have been a few divorces. It’s best to get the facts.

Divorce aside, Grant has also generated controversy among independent, fundamental Baptist circles over reports she was once found sunbathing nude, how she drinks wine, etc. O, the scandals!

I have a few of her songs on my computer and receive blessings when hearing them. I know some Christians avoid her music like the plague, but just remember that people in public service for God have long had faults. King David was an adulterer, murderer and an inattentive father. Jonah the prophet was the Marquis de Sade of his day, hoping God would destroy the people of Nineveh despite their repentance. The Apostle Paul apparently had anger problems that took years to solve. Peter was impulsive and frequently spoke before thinking (something I can relate with). Solomon, I suspect, was one of the all-time great womanizers, one who would’ve put KISS bassist Gene Simmons (who’s an Israeli-born Hungarian Jew, by the way) to shame. Does this mean we should ignore their works?

It’s a personal preference, mind you. If you wish to avoid Ms. Grant, then do what you feel comfortable with.

One gentleman noted that Christianity does an alarmingly good job of shooting its own.

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