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Men with necklaces and rings–a Christian perspective

In the church circles I’m from, men are prohibited from wearing necklaces. At college, it was also prohibited. I remember returning home from basic training and someone at church told me men don’t wear necklaces.

I pulled out my “necklace” and showed them my dog tags.

These days, I have a cross necklace that I wear on a leather string. I purchased the cross pendant two years ago at an engine show and finally got it made into a necklace. Problem is, the clasp above the cross keeps coming undone, causing the cross to fall down my shirt.

I actually have a rough sketch of a cross pendant that won’t come apart. All I have to do is find a machinist or blacksmith.

Same goes for rings. I wear a wedding ring and also would like to wear a ring on my right ring finger. I have a few designs in mind for a few rings to rotate.

I find myself wondering how it came about among some Christian circles that men were not supposed to wear any necklaces. Anyone care to enlighten me? Perhaps it’s just a preference that evolved into a conviction.

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  1. Matthew Sutton
    September 23, 2009 at 8:53 pm

    Totally agree – talk about taking the passage about how women shouldn’t look like men way out of context 🙂

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