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Getting back to basics: reading the Bible

I struggle mightily with procrastination, and someday (if I haven’t already) I plan to post an old column about how procrastination is the eighth deadly sin.

A week ago, I got back into reading the Bible on a daily basis. It was very refreshing and made me realize how much I’d missed by not doing so before. When it comes to God’s Word, my minimal goal is to encounter one of the writers of the 39 Old Testament books and 27 Old Testament books and be able to converse with them about their work. How embarrassing would it be to encounter Nahum* the Minor Prophet and say, “I know your book’s in the Old Testament and it’s near Jonah, right?”

I’ve heard two songs about the Bible, children’s songs that contain incontrovertible facts about scripture. One says if we read God’s word and pray daily we’ll grow, and the other says if we neglect His Word and forget to pray we’ll shrink. Been there, done that. Another says simply this: “The Bible will keep you from sin, and sin will keep you from the Bible.”

I visualize reading the Bible, jotting notes and summaries of what’s been read, studying the Word and praying as food for the soul. Just as we shouldn’t quit breathing or eating food, we most certainly should not quit reading the Bible.

*In a Bible drill at Alvin, Texas’ Kings Row Baptist Church in 1982 or so, the passage we had to look up was in Nahum. One kid asked the teacher where Nahum was, and the teacher deliciously replied: “It’s between Genesis and Revelation.”

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