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Does God care who wins sporting events?


When Kurt Warner won a Super Bowl as St. Louis Rams quarterback, he enthusiastically yelled “THANK YOU, JESUS!!!” when receiving the Lombardi trophy.

Football players of various teams often will kneel in the end zone and pray after scoring a touchdown.

Baseball players will point to heaven after hitting a home run or after striking out a crucial hitter.

Other athletes, after winning a game, will credit God with the win.

Some wonder if it’s right to give credit to God for a win while others have been criticized for attributing a loss to “God’s will”.

I believe God gives professional athletes to excel, and if they do, it’s an opportunity to glorify Him and spread the good news.

However, don’t expect to find God in heaven with a March Madness bracket or discussing with Michael or Gabriel which teams should be allowed to win. Or trying to figure out which team the devil likes and letting them lose. After all, haven’t the Duke Blue Devils won national championships? Haven’t the New Jersey Devils won Stanley Cups? Yes, the Los Angeles Angels won the World Series a few years ago, but how come the New Orleans Saints haven’t won a Super Bowl.

I see God working to do two things in the world: evangelize and edify. If certain teams winning championships can do that, great. But I don’t think He looks at a team and decides, because He’s a fan, that He wants it to win.

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