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John Shore’s incontrovertible take on modern Christianity

I agree with this statement 1,000%. It’s a call for ultra-conservative Christians to try thinking outside the box and warning other Christians about the dangers of being too condescending on Christians with stricter standards:

“Too many conservative Christians’ lives are too limited; too many liberal Christians too readily dismiss fundamentalism.”

One has to wonder if a happy balance can be achieved. In conservative Christianity, my observation has been that preferences often get mistaken for convictions through a misinterpretation or misapplication of scripture. Among liberal Christians, while they understand the preferences-conviction confusion better, I think they are too quick to scoff at any beliefs the conservatives have. Maybe it’s because they confuse some convictions with personal preferences. They might be surprised at the conservatives are more correct on what scripture teaches than what they, the liberal, might imagine.

I spent several years in independent, fundamental Baptist churches and while I now consider myself a mixture of Baptist and non-denominational/IFCA, I do believe that “fundamentalists” are absolutely right on salvation: grace alone through faith alone; God offers it to all, and it’s up to us to accept or reject God’s free gift.

One thing I do think is a misunderstood part of fundamentalism is “legalism”. Some believe legalism is following a strict set of “Biblical” principles (no pants for women, no long hair for men, no TV, no alcohol or tobacco) as a way of earning one’s salvation.

The real definition is to follow a strict set of Biblical principles as a way of becoming closer to God and becoming more, well, pure in your thinking and actions. The problem is, the principles are very much subject to interpretation. Some are preferences that evolved into convictions.

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