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Keeping the faith by following the ‘wedge principle’

When I attended Pensacola Christian College, I remember something taught in social ethics class: “wedge principle”. Scripture tells us in Ephesians 4:27 to “Neither give place to the devil.”

A floorleader my junior year explained it this way: he chased his sister into a room when they were younger and she refused to come out. He coaxed her to open the door just a crack since he wanted to talk to her. She did. He then used his foot to wedge open the door and from there, overpower her and open it the rest of the way.

If you give the devil an inch, he’ll gladly take a mile–and that’s just for starters.

Looking back, it disturbes me the number of students who would roll their eyes at the discussion of the wedge principle and think of how we had to hear the same or similar sermon from last year. Such thinking makes me wonder if complacency prevents the average Christian from being truly aware of just how hard or skillfully the devil works to try to ruin their lives and ministries.

It’s something to think about in daily living. I thought recently of a Christian I knew of years ago who seemed so on fire for the Lord. He has since divorced and now sees nothing wrong with some activities many Christians would find deplorable. A person who knows him told me it started with a sin problem that just escalated and grew out of control.

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