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Acts 6: Verbal and Lifestyle Evangelism

I read Acts 6 today immediately after Daniel 7.

This chapter is short but fairly compact and addresses a very important issue in Christianity.

There had apparently been complaints among the Grecians that the Apostles spent all their time preaching the Gospel and none to tending to the needs of widows–something that was considered the responsibility of ministers in those days (and still should be). The Apostles apparently felt there wasn’t enough time to do both, so they recruited new people to help “serve tables” so that they could continue to spread the Gospel.

Perhaps a sense of balance was in order, but that’s easy to say nearly 2,000 years later.

Among the apostles selected to go out and preach was Stephen, and as we’ll soon find out in Chapter 7, Stephen no doubt had a very tough time purchasing a life insurance policy. He went out, preached the Gospel, healed the sick, spoke of Jesus and–not surprisingly–made enemies.

False witnesses came forward, taking Stephen out of context, and as we’ll soon see, trouble will brew and overflow very quickly.

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