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Everyone needs accountability–even the godliest of Christians

Two years ago, I initially blogged about the need for accountability. Lately I’ve chatted about it with a few people. Sometimes we as Christians live in a vacuum and find it hard to understand why all Christians would need it. In the past few years, though, we’ve read of pastors stepping down from the pulpit due to immorality. Back in the 1980s, I remember this the mess Jimmy Swaggart made and how he tried to clean it up with his infamous “I have sinned speech”:

We know from the Bible what happens when you have no accountability. King Asa imprisoned a prophet who confronted him about his backsliding ways. He was, no doubt, a man not used to listening to what he didn’t want to hear. King David committed adultery and then murder and went on a spiritual spiral until the prophet Nathan stood before him and confronted him with this infamous words: “Thou art the man!” One has to wonder if David simply felt after writing many Psalms and being a man after God’s own heart that he was above needing accountability.


More recently, a Christian friend was telling me about how he once had a terse conversation with the head of a Christian ministry regarding the rough treatment of one particular employee at the ministry. One has to imagine if it was terse because the person being confronted wasn’t accustomed to someone telling what they didn’t want to hear.

It is a reminder for me to make sure I’m touching base regularly with those I’ve entrusted with my accountability. A Christian who isolates themselves and makes themselves believe they are completely immune to criticism are setting themselves up for a fall that’s spiritually and emotionally humiliating–not to mention the terrible testimony that will result.

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