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Great visit at church yesterday

Yesterday, my son Charles and I attended First Baptist Church in Vassar, Michigan (my wife Jennifer and my oldest son weren’t feeling well and the youngest decided he wanted to stay home and help Mom out). Very nice church. Friendly with clear Bible teaching. I felt very uplifted. Charles, 12, told me he really liked the youth program. A friend of his, Angel, attends the church. That evening, he went to another youth activity.

Jennifer and I have discussed different churches in the area, and one of our key requirements is an excellent youth program. It may be trite, but it bears repeating: kids who are bored in church today grow up to become adults who don’t attend church at all.

We may still attend other churches in the area, although sometime next week I hope Jenn and I are able to chat with the pastor at his office to ask him questions about the church. V-FBC so far looks to be a good fit, but I’d like to make sure of it.

Over the past few years, after spending many years attending Independent Fundamental Baptist churches, I’ve floated around in the non-denominational/Independent Fundamental Churches of America realm. There was a time two decades ago where I scoffed at anything pertaining to Southern Baptist. It would be ironic (not to mention tickling) if we ended up joining such a church.

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