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Richard’s Two Shekels on… for July 27, 2010

…No, I’ve never read The Prayer of Jabez (or, for that matter, any of Joel Osteen’s books). When I worked in Christian radio in San Antonio, it was a book everyone seemed to talk about. Then, when I finally got around to checking it out, it seemed to reek of Prosperity Gospel. You know: follow God, obey His commands and pray really hard and He’ll reward you with a fat bank account. That sounds very unbiblical. God promises to meet our needs, but I know of no Scripture where obeying God’s Word and being involved in church means you’ll hit the jackpot…

…One of the most tragic things I’ve experienced in life is that some of the most egotistical, condescending people I’ve ever met have been Christians. That should not be so…

…Speaking of the above, please don’t use that as an excuse to go inactive and drop out of church. God needs Christians to get to work and needs more to be the right type of Christian instead of complaining there are no right types. If you think Christianity has cornered the market on hypocrisy, you are mistaken…

…I have often wondered how horrible it must be like for a lost person who dies in their sleep. How long does it take for them to realize that their unspeakably-horrid nightmare is one from which they’ll never wake up?…

…I used to live in a town where there was a church at practically every corner. Despite this, the town’s Christian bookstore closed. I never understood how a store like that could go out of business in a town where so many attended church…

…Besides the Zondervan King James Study Bible, another Bible I like is the New Open Study Bible. One was given to me as a high school graduation gift by my church; alas, the Bible was packed into a box during a move and inadvertently placed in the basement. After a heavy rain and due to a sump pump problem, the basement flooded. The Bible was ruined. I haven’t seen it in any Christian bookstores but have found out it’s available for online purchase. I’ll have to do that sometime as I liked that Bible a lot…

…That Bible also had a lot of sentimental value, including a few autographs in it. Among those I can remember: my pastor, Tim Stowe of Beeville Baptist Church; Jim Schettler, then the pastor of Pensacola Christian College’s Campus Church; Dr. Arlin Horton, president and founder of PCC; Jonathan King, a pastor who worked at the Roloff Homes; Richard Martin, a pastor and a friend; Dr. Tim Lee; Dr. Johnny Pope; Dr. Jack Hyles; Dr. Gary Coleman (the pastor of Garland, Texas’ Lavon Drive Baptist Church and not the late diminutive actor).

I remember when Dr. Pope autographed and saw Dr. Hyles’ signature (Dr. Hyles performed Dr. Pope’s wedding ceremony and at one time was a good friend), Dr. Pope did a double take.

…John Shore, a Christian writer, said something about Christianity that I feel qualifies as an incontrovertible statement: “Fundamentalist Christians are too limited in their thinking, but liberal Christians too readily dismiss the fundamentalists.”…

Agree with me? Think I’m out of my mind? Post comments here or drop a line to richardstwoshekels@gmail.com.

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