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Looking for a pocket-sized Bible

I had one at college, courtesy of a rummage sale. That one wore out and now I’m looking for another one.

Actually, it might be as simple as going to a Walmart and buying the same Bible I purchased for my wife a few years ago. It was King James with a soft leather cover that made it easy to open. It even had small references and notations in it.

Reason I saw this is because I’d like to be able to blog about my Bible reading on the go. Presently, I read my Bible at home, take notes and then open up my WordPress blog and write regarding what I read.

Presently, I have at least two Gideon New Testaments (one of which is a New King James), two Zondervan King James Study Bibles (one hard cover and one a very stiff leather cover) and a near-pocket size New American Standard Bible. Besides the portable King James Bible, I’m hoping to add these Bibles to my personal collection:

* King James Version New Open Study Bible (which I’ll probably have to order online)

* New King James Version

* New Living Translation

* The 21st Century King James and the American King James (if they can be found)

Please understand that the different versions I seek are not necessarily an endorsement of them but rather are reference resources I’d like to use when studying the Bible. Since I am no longer King James-Only, I feel more at liberty to compare and pray for God’s guidance.

Richard Zowie is a Michigan-based writer. Post comments here or e-mail him at richardstwoshekels@gmail.com.

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