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Great visit with a Vassar, Michigan pastor yesterday

My wife Jennifer and I on Thursday visited with a local pastor along with his youth pastor. I had envisioned a 15-30 minute conversation, but it turned into an hour. It was a very fruitful conversation as we learned things about the church along with doctrinal positions.

As I left, I realized there were a few things I did not get around to asking, but that’s fine. The conversation seemed a little too unreal: opinions I’ve had lately about music, Bible versions, convictions, etc., seemed very close to what this pastor and his youth pastor had. He also encouraged us that as members, to get active in the church; in many churches today, the adage is 10 percent of the congregation does 90 percent of the work. The pastor was also a strong proponent of being in a church that was a good fit.

I noticed he frequently said the word encourage. Hitting someone over the head with a 52-pound King James Bible is terrible motivation–especially someone who hasn’t been in church in a while or someone who’s a new Christian not well-versed with church. This pastor really seemed to echo what I believe is the best approach: teach the Word and disciple and as they grow, continue encouraging them down the right paths. So many pastors (especially in IFB circles), have this terribly backwards: the message they send to new Christians is, “Adopt these strict standards–or else!”

The church seems like a very good fit, and we’ll be praying for it. I just wish I had the type of work schedule that would allow me into church regularly on Sundays along with Wednesdays.

Richard Zowie is a Michigan-based writer. Post comments here or e-mail him at richardstwoshekels@gmail.com.

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