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A very quick note about this blog

I have learned recently that there are people who find Richard’s Two Shekels to be an encouraging blog. This encourages me more than readers could ever possibly know, and it inspires me to follow the example of the ant and get busy.

That being said, when I blog about my Bible reading I have decided to shift gears and not attempt to give a detailed exegesis of each chapter. This will get boring quickly. So, when I read the Bible that day I will blog about what passages I read, the highlights, things that really got my attention and how it applied to me.

And, of course, as the mood strikes and the need arises, I will also blog about issues in Christianity. Perhaps this weekend I will blog about that football player who blamed God for dropping a game-winning touchdown pass.

My latest blog posting should be up on Saturday.

Richard Zowie has been a Christian for 29 years and feels he still has a lot to learn. He enjoys listening to Dr. Charles Swindoll and is a former member of the King James Only movement (he still prefers the KJB but also likes reading the New King James and has been known to check out the ESV and NASB. Post comments here or e-mail Richard at richardstwoshekels@gmail.com.

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