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Lunch with an old friend

I’m the sentimental type, and so every so often I will use Google or Facebook to try to find people I used to know.

Such was the case with Jeremy, a guy I knew at PCC.

I met Jeremy my junior year at PCC as he and I worked in the pots and pans room. He was a freshman, and I remember after we were done with pans but still only an hour into our shift, he told me he was going to go out and look for more pans to clean.

About five minutes later he returned with about 10 pans that had been used for macaroni and cheese. “I figured it’s best to start working on these before this stuff has a chance to dry and get hard,” he said.

I was dumbfounded.

Not because Jeremy was right (he was, by the way), but because he–a newbie to PCC’s food service, was taking the initiative to get things done. This particular task was something that usually took other students semesters to really grasp. Needless to say, a semester later he was made crew guide. Someone later told me he also had managed a McDonald’s.

On Friday, Jeremy and I met to have lunch and talk. Despite studying criminal justice at college, he is now in the ministry. I was very encouraged to talk with him and am very thankful that he is living for the Lord and serving Him. You would be very unpleasantly surprised by how many wonderful guys I knew at PCC who were either ministerial majors or who were planning to serve God and who are now by the wayside. To say it is heartbreaking is like saying Michigan gets cold in the winter.

If you find a fellow Christian, network with them. Talk to them. Remember, iron sharpens iron.

Richard Zowie is going through the Bible in his Richard’s Two Shekels blog when not commenting on Christian issues or blogging about his Christian walk. He hopes in the coming months to complete his first visit with all the Minor Prophets. Post comments here or drop a line to richardstwoshekels@gmail.com.


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