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My devotions for 2011

The good news is, I have been keeping up on my devotions despite some radical changes in my life. I lament that it has taken an emotional personal tragedy for me to get off my lazy rear end and become the type of Christian God wants me to be. This includes reading the Bible daily, praying, attending church and so forth. I am also becoming closer to my sons.

I had a Bible reading list I’d started around 2003 and had planned to complete that list around May or so and then spend the rest of 2011 catching up so I could get the Bible read through by the end.

As I’ve blogged and read, I have decided that is an unwise course.

When it comes to Bible reading, it is always best to focus on quality rather than quantity.

It is useless reading 20 chapters daily and then, some time later, having little idea of what you read. God wants us as Christians to be intimate with Him, and the way to do that is to read the daily allotment.

I plan to finish as much of the list as I can by December 31 and then on January 1, begin reading the Bible in the passages I did not finish and then once all those are read, re-reading what I have read so far to complete the Bible through in a year.

Ideally, I am looking to read from the Old and New Testament every day along with a Psalm and possibly even a Proverb. When it comes to reading, I will split my time between the King James Version and the New King James Version (I am not a big fan of the NASB or NIV, but to each their own; some wonderful Christian brothers tell me the New English Version is good).

Thoughts, anyone?

Richard Zowie will celebrate his 30th year as a Christian in October 2011; however, he still has much to learn. Post comments here or e-mail them to richardstwoshekels@gmail.com.

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