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Time Management and God

February 20, 2011 Leave a comment

An odd title for a blog posting, when you consider that if God were to come to earth in some corporeal form, we would not see a watch on his right wrist (the left-hander in me likes to think of God as a southpaw). Watches are for those who are restricted to 24-hour days. God is above time. 2 Peter 3:8 tells us a thousand years is but a day to God, and a day is like a thousand years.

I imagine it like this: God can see every single event in human history happening at the same time. To humanity, we’ve been around for thousands of years. To God, it’s irrelevant.

That being said, since we are bound by time, it’s best to make the most of it.

Very difficult, indeed. I often succeed at getting up and reading my Bible, but often I fail. Procrastination is my weak spot, and, admittedly, I loathe getting up early in the morning. At college, when I’d try to read the Bible on a few hours sleep, I’d end up reading the same sentence over and over and over and over again.

What is the solution?

Get sleep and purpose that before your day begins, you will make time for God. Even if it means cutting back on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or other distractions.

God wants to spend time with us, to reveal Himself to us, and when we don’t make the time to spend time with God, I believe it hurts God far more than we can possibly imagine.

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2-10-2011 poem: ‘Richard,’ God Says

February 16, 2011 Leave a comment

I had this written in another notebook and wanted to post it.

2-10-2011 — “Richard,” God Says

“Richard,” God says,

His voice

Soft as bright white fleece


Powerful as the raging Colorado River.

“I’m so eager to talk to you.

“There is so much to share with you.”

Yesterday, I was

An eight-year-old


Now I’m 38,

A Christian for 29 years.

Time blinks like restless eyelids.

God waits patiently

Through my sleep,

My daily schedule,

My procrastination,

My endless excuses.

Point of Grace reminds me

In one song I heard

During one drive to Michigan:

“He’s dying to reach you.”

God tries to explain

In our limited languages

How He desires

A sacred romance with us.

I wonder if,

For me to understand that–

Truly understand–

Is like a baby learning calculus.

God is God.

Omniscient, omnipotent,

Omnipresent, eternal.

And he wants a relationship

With me, you,

All of us.

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2-15-2011 poems: Loving Yourself, Richard

February 16, 2011 Leave a comment

2-15-2011 — Loving Yourself

Learning to love yourself

Is not the greatest love of all.

(Sorry, Whitney Houston)

But if properly processed,


It is crucial.

I look at myself

And see things I’d love to change.

Where do I even begin?

My hazel eyes to blue.

My big nose.

My height

My weight

My body, my mannerisms

My style

My listening, attentiveness

My introverted ways.

The things best described in an orange band


A yellow band with multi-colored puzzle pieces.

The thing that makes me cringe

And makes me wonder if…?

There are two ways

To resolve this.

Give to God

The things you can and must change.

And be content

With what you cannot change.

What you must change,

Do not leave it up to a

Future girlfriend,



2-15-2011 — Richard

Relying on God

I fear nothing.

Christ is my Savior.

His death, burial

And resurrection

Reveal God’s

Divine love for me.

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Joe Isuzu and trying to get into spiritual shape

February 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Maybe you remember how, back in the 1990s sometime, Isuzu decided to briefly resurrect the Joe Isuzu commercials. You know, the guy who in the 1980s would make hyperbolic claims about Isuzu that could not possibly be true.

Joe Isuzu at his best…

In the 1990s Isuzu showed a few commercials where they called Joe (played by David Leisure) out of retirement. He went out running in a sweat suit, large belly jiggling, dark sweat patches at his chest and armpits, as he worked to get back into shape.

The return of Joe Isuzu

And, more recently, several months ago I dreamt i re-joined the Army (I was honorably discharged in 2000). At the time I was about 100 pounds overweight and in the dream I went on grueling long runs as I worked to regain my 160-pound figure. Very strenuous, and I was out of breath. My chest felt like it would explode as I tried to run and chant cadences at the same time.

That’s a little how I feel at times when I read the Bible.

Since late November, I have been consistent in reading the Bible daily. It has been eight years since I’ve read the Bible through in a year, and now I’m back on track to do it again. Alas, there are books I’ve forgotten what they spoke about and as I read, there is so much information that seems to zoom by.

I tell myself as I keep reading throughout the years the information will become warmer, more familiar and will start to click more. Keep reading, keep praying, keep asking for God’s guidance and keep asking how each day’s reading can be beneficial to me and what it can teach me.

Yes, eight long years have been wasted, and I pray that won’t happen again. Ever.

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Richard’s next poem: Twenty-nine years

February 15, 2011 Leave a comment

2-14-11 — Twenty-nine years

By Richard Zowie

Twenty-nine years

As a Christian

Have taught me

One iron, firm, dense, immutable fact:

I still have much to learn.

Still, I fret not.

When I read and struggle to grasp

Romans, Galatians, Corinthians, Psalms.

I well know

Daily Bible reading

As the years go by

Will make the combination locks’

Numbers and sequences

Easier to see

Easier to grip

Easier to turn

Easier to pull at the right time.

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A poem about wanting to be someone else

February 9, 2011 Leave a comment

2-8-11 — Somebody Else

Pink said it very well

When she sang, frustrated

Of her looks

Of her actions

Of Britney Spears.

“I wanna be somebody else.”

When I listen to that song

It’s often as if it’s my voice

On the radio.

I think of my strange accent

That can’t decide between

Kansas, Texas or Michigan.

I think of all the places

–too many to list–

That I’m dying to go.

I think of all the

Impulsive things

That I’m dying to do

And I wonder if I’ll ever

Go or Do.

The hobbies,

Discovered and undiscovered

That may do little more

Than collect dust

In the bored bright blue playground

Of my imagination.

I think my ever

Exponentially increasing

“To do” list

And how it’s like

Sprinting in a swimming pool

Chest-dep in water

Trying to get it all done.

I wanna be somebody else

So I can have

An empty to-do list.

The freedom

To travel

To do

To explore

To learn

To know.


I well know those dreams

Come naturally.

Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes

Man’s duty is to glorify God

And be content in his labor.

Being busy and happy

Is the key

To traveling

To doing

To exploring

To learning.

To knowing

That somebody else

I wanna be

Is really

The godly person that

God knows I’m capable

Of becoming.

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My Bible reading: in the Psalms and finished up Galatians

February 8, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve been convicted lately of my pace. the other day, I got behind due to being very busy and being a procrastinator and read three days’ worth in a single day. Not good. In Bible reading, you never want to sacrifice quality for quantity.

Let’s consider: having devotions and reading the Bible is God’s private time with you. I am reminded of that Point of Grace song “Dying To Reach You” and how God wants to have a relationship with us. When we read His Word, that is His way of communicating with us. The Bible is His love letter to us.

So, the best solution is to take small sips and read the Bible at a pace where you can truly comprehend and apply what you are reading. I know some are able to read 20 chapters a day, but I’m not there yet.

And I still need to discipline myself to read first thing in the morning.

So, I’ve been in the Psalms and in Galatians. As always, Psalms was very encouraging about leaving things up to God while Galatians gave me a lot to think about today when it comes to making sure your ego is kept under control.

Isn’t it so fitting that so often when you feel like not reading the Bible but do so anyway you find something huge to help you throughout your day?

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Two poems: Bible, Church; God Never Said

February 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Some poems I hope will encourage a few readers:

2-6-2011 — Bible, Church

Bible, Church

Two things that are

Food and water

To a needy soul.

To avoid them

In times of

Trial and trouble

Is to needlessly

Die of

Hunger and thirst.

Truth is simple

Mankind through

Pride, stubbornness, a desire for control

Choose to overcomplicate.

Bible, Church:

It really is that simple.

2-6-2011 — God Never Said

God never said

Life would be

Satisfying sleep

On 800-thread count sheets.

God never said

Life would be

Sixty-eight degrees inside

While it’s

One hundred degrees outside,

A typical brutal Texas heat wave.

God never said

Life would be

A checkbook

That always balances.

God never said

Worry, anger, heartache, stress

Would never exist.

Life is hard.

Life sucks.

Life is unfair.

A celebrity with clownish hair

Drinks, parties, lives for himself,

Marvels he’s still alive.

A mother loses her newborn daughter

A premie born in a country hospital,

Wonders why she died.

Another mother cries endlessly

Her youngest son’s death

From willful irresponsibility by a stranger.

Marvels why he died.

The Old Testament’s Job taught me well

As he lamented

His children’s deaths

His livestocks’ thefts

His body’s sores and boils.

God never said life would be

Easy, care-free, no worries.

God did say

Life would be worth it.

Ten thousand sunrises

Might not contain the answer,

But eternity does.

Life is but a few puzzle pieces

Mere fragments

In eternity

The pieces will all be

Assembled together



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