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Two poems: Bible, Church; God Never Said

Some poems I hope will encourage a few readers:

2-6-2011 — Bible, Church

Bible, Church

Two things that are

Food and water

To a needy soul.

To avoid them

In times of

Trial and trouble

Is to needlessly

Die of

Hunger and thirst.

Truth is simple

Mankind through

Pride, stubbornness, a desire for control

Choose to overcomplicate.

Bible, Church:

It really is that simple.

2-6-2011 — God Never Said

God never said

Life would be

Satisfying sleep

On 800-thread count sheets.

God never said

Life would be

Sixty-eight degrees inside

While it’s

One hundred degrees outside,

A typical brutal Texas heat wave.

God never said

Life would be

A checkbook

That always balances.

God never said

Worry, anger, heartache, stress

Would never exist.

Life is hard.

Life sucks.

Life is unfair.

A celebrity with clownish hair

Drinks, parties, lives for himself,

Marvels he’s still alive.

A mother loses her newborn daughter

A premie born in a country hospital,

Wonders why she died.

Another mother cries endlessly

Her youngest son’s death

From willful irresponsibility by a stranger.

Marvels why he died.

The Old Testament’s Job taught me well

As he lamented

His children’s deaths

His livestocks’ thefts

His body’s sores and boils.

God never said life would be

Easy, care-free, no worries.

God did say

Life would be worth it.

Ten thousand sunrises

Might not contain the answer,

But eternity does.

Life is but a few puzzle pieces

Mere fragments

In eternity

The pieces will all be

Assembled together



Richard Zowie is dabbling into poetry. Like it? Despise it? Drop him a line here or by e-mailing richardstwoshekels@gmail.com.

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