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Joe Isuzu and trying to get into spiritual shape

Maybe you remember how, back in the 1990s sometime, Isuzu decided to briefly resurrect the Joe Isuzu commercials. You know, the guy who in the 1980s would make hyperbolic claims about Isuzu that could not possibly be true.

Joe Isuzu at his best…

In the 1990s Isuzu showed a few commercials where they called Joe (played by David Leisure) out of retirement. He went out running in a sweat suit, large belly jiggling, dark sweat patches at his chest and armpits, as he worked to get back into shape.

The return of Joe Isuzu

And, more recently, several months ago I dreamt i re-joined the Army (I was honorably discharged in 2000). At the time I was about 100 pounds overweight and in the dream I went on grueling long runs as I worked to regain my 160-pound figure. Very strenuous, and I was out of breath. My chest felt like it would explode as I tried to run and chant cadences at the same time.

That’s a little how I feel at times when I read the Bible.

Since late November, I have been consistent in reading the Bible daily. It has been eight years since I’ve read the Bible through in a year, and now I’m back on track to do it again. Alas, there are books I’ve forgotten what they spoke about and as I read, there is so much information that seems to zoom by.

I tell myself as I keep reading throughout the years the information will become warmer, more familiar and will start to click more. Keep reading, keep praying, keep asking for God’s guidance and keep asking how each day’s reading can be beneficial to me and what it can teach me.

Yes, eight long years have been wasted, and I pray that won’t happen again. Ever.

Richard Zowie works as a writer and as a gas station clerk. This post does not mean he intends to work as a car salesman. To comment, post here or drop Richard a line at richardstwoshekels@gmail.com.

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