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2-10-2011 poem: ‘Richard,’ God Says

I had this written in another notebook and wanted to post it.

2-10-2011 — “Richard,” God Says

“Richard,” God says,

His voice

Soft as bright white fleece


Powerful as the raging Colorado River.

“I’m so eager to talk to you.

“There is so much to share with you.”

Yesterday, I was

An eight-year-old


Now I’m 38,

A Christian for 29 years.

Time blinks like restless eyelids.

God waits patiently

Through my sleep,

My daily schedule,

My procrastination,

My endless excuses.

Point of Grace reminds me

In one song I heard

During one drive to Michigan:

“He’s dying to reach you.”

God tries to explain

In our limited languages

How He desires

A sacred romance with us.

I wonder if,

For me to understand that–

Truly understand–

Is like a baby learning calculus.

God is God.

Omniscient, omnipotent,

Omnipresent, eternal.

And he wants a relationship

With me, you,

All of us.

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