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My battle with procrastination and other observations

I’ve said it over and over and it bears repeating: procrastination is the eighth deadly sin.

Not sure if I originated that saying, but it’s an observation and I believe it.

I’ve been lousy lately at getting up in the morning to read the Bible. Very difficult to maintain consistency. Part of my problem is, I tend to be a Night Owl. Lately I have been on Facebook talking with various friends as I try to heal during what will still be a painful transition in my life. Thank goodness for godly counsel and listening ears…

…This year, I have been doing my devotions out of the New King James Bible. And to think that around 18 years ago, I took copious notes as Dr. Al Lacy preached a sermon about how we should read only the King James Bible and how even the NKJV was a counterfeit. My studies into foreign languages, observations about how the English language evolves have led me to conclude that while my first Bible to read is the King James, I also like the NKJV. At present, I have two Bibles: a KJB Zondervan Study Bible, a New King James slimline and I hope in the future to add a KJB New Open Study Bible to my collection…

…I read a Facebook account of a school classmate’s testimony. I knew this gentleman since grade school, and I am thankful he is now a Christian living for God. Life has taught me that God will go to great measures to get people attention to try to lead them to Him (again, I am not a Calvinist), and this man’s testimony is proof of that…

Richard Zowie will turn 30 years old as a Christian this October. Post comments here or e-mail him at richardstwoshekels@gmail.com.

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