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Poetry, courtesy of Richard’s Two Shekels


Explaining shades of blue to Stevie Wonder.

Teaching calculus to a toddler.

Neither remotely compares to

God explaining the majesties of eternity

To our finite minds.

3-6-11 — God and Time


Is a human concept.

Clockmakers and watchmakers

Will be bored

In heaven.

To God,

A thousand years is a single day

One day is a thousand years.

No watch on His wrist

No clock on His wall.

Seiko, Timex, Casio, Rolex

Are meaningless.

I imagine…

To God,

All of earth’s events

–all natural occurrences

–all events of everyone’s life

Occur in a gigantic matrix

And happen all at once.

Right now,

Adam and Eve are in the garden

David is slaying Goliath

Jesus is feeding the thousands

Luther’s at the Diet of Worms,

The American Revolution rages,

Reagan is telling Gorbachev to tear down this wall

And I’m writing thi spoem,

The antichrist is being thrown

Into the lake of fire,

Eternity future is dawning.

God already knows the day

When time won’t matter anymore.

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