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New poems about Jupiter and, um, hell

3-10-11 — J.U.P.I.T.E.R.

Note: I personally believe Jupiter was originally intended by God to serve as a secondary star in our solar system. Don’t ask me for proof: it’s pure conjecture on my part.

Jupiter must be very

Upset not to be

Part of God’s perfect plan.

Instead of being a bright star

To rule the night,

Eve and Adam both

Ruined that.

3-10-2011 — Hell

How long

Does it take

For the newly-dead


To realize

The horrible mistake

They just made?

Total darkness

The hideous flashing faces

The heat

The screams

The boiling fiery stench of sulfur

The despair.

If heaven is unimaginably wonderful,

I don’t een want to know

How unimaginably horrible

Hell is.

Richard Zowie is a writer who finds Jupiter mysterious and is thankful he’ll miss out on hell. Post comments here or e-mail him at richardstwoshekels@gmail.com.

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