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My small victory today

Yesterday was not a good day for Bible reading as having to get up early, having lots on my mind at work and in my personal life, sadly and pathetically, got the best of me.

Today seemed headed in that direction. I had to take a look at my finances, had to wake up at 7:30 a.m. to get some things taken care of, and now I have to put in some hours at the newspaper before going to work at the gas station.

You don’t have time, Richard, one voice seemed to tell me.

I am tired of not making the time, I decided as I sat on my bed after a shower and read passages of Isaiah and Titus.

If things are slow tonight, I will continue reading more to catch up what I did not read yesterday. And then with tomorrow’s double reading I will be back on schedule.

When I feel Satan trying to discourage me from reading, I often feel like telling him (and have on a few occasions), “Hey, Satan…don’t you have an eternity in the lake of fire to prepare for?”

Some say it is best not to engage Satan in direct conversation. By doing so we are sending a clear message that he is beneath us and not worthy of our attention. Not to mention it is probably dangerous: many–if not most–Christians grossly underestimate Satan’s intellect and capabilities.

Richard Zowie is reading through the Bible for the first time in far too long. Post comments here or e-mail him at richardstwoshekels@gmail.com.

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