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Remedy for heartache: get involved in your church

Thank God for First Baptist Church of Vassar, Michigan.

A few wise friends, such as Jeremy E and Lance B, have told me that now is the prime time to get active in a church and serve in any way possible. Later this year or early next year I will become divorced after 13 years of marriage (my wife and I will hit our 14th year on June 30, but I’m not sure if I really want to count that). It was very tough at first, a lot of emotional anguish. Someday I will bawl my eyes out when I get past my anger and disgust. It’s in the Lord’s hands.

In the meantime, I have my good and bad days. Saturday was a bad day as I just felt very in the dumps. There were a few people I really wanted to talk to, but my schedule prohibited it. And one high school friend I really wanted to talk to was busy that day, and I didn’t want to intrude.

I texted a few friends and asked for advice about dealing with the sadness and presented a list of ideas.

Several responded. Jeremy and Lance both told me now is the time to get active in church.

When I’m not working on Sundays, I’m there on Sunday mornings with my two youngest sons. Sunday school, Sunday morning. I plan to start attending Sunday night services when I can and soon I will be going to new member services. On Wednesday nights I attend Bible studies. One lady at the church, a fan of my From A to Zowie column, suggested I be responsible for doing the church’s newsletter.

At this stage, I’d be happy doing anything.

FBC is the first non-IFB church I have attended. It is considered a Regular Baptist Church, and its style reminds me of the non-denominational churches I’ve seen. Very friendly, laid-back with lots of great teaching on the Bible.


Richard Zowie is thankful he found a nice church and encourages those who are heartbroken, lonely or sad to do the same. Post comments here or e-mail him at richardstwoshekels@gmail.com.

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