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New poems: Eye hasn’t seen, dark planet, a wise man, revisiting Pascal’s Wager, why I’d make a lousy atheist

8-24-2011 — Eye Hasn’t Seen

Eye hasn’t seen
Ear hasn’t heard
What awaits Christians in heaven
I agree with what Jack T. Chick once said:
“If God were to show us heaven
“Right now,
“Our minds couldn’t handle it.”
October is the big 3-0
For me
As a believer, but
Heaven remains an indecipherable enigma,
I can only imagine, indeed,
But our finite minds
Are unable to grasp
An infinite eternity.
It migraines my mind
To think about it.
Never ending?
It’s a carousel of happiness
Perpetual spinning
Forever reaching up, getting further away
Beyond the distant universe below
A trillion years
Nothing but a
Brief, beginning blip.

9-3-2011 — The Dark Planet

The dark planet
Harbors only one type of resident.
The keeper of secrets.
Why the darkness?
How the darkness?
Is it better called
Hell? Planeta del infierno? 星球地狱? Планета ада? Hölle Planeten?
Home of the lake of fire?

9-7-2011 — A Wise Man

A wise man
Who doubts that moniker
Told me this about
The possibility of
Extraterrestrial life.
“If God wanted us to know,
“He would’ve mentioned something
“In the Bible.”
I asked him if he thought
The lake of fire
Existed on a planet
In a distant, squinting telescope-proof galaxy.
“Don’t know, don’t care,”
He said.
“All I know is, I won’t be there.”
My conclusion:
Thinking on these things
Is harmless
If it’s not at the expense of what’s important.

9-21-2011 — Revisiting Pascal’s Wager

Only the most obstinate
The princes and princesses of pride
The emperors and empresses of ego
Those secretly insecure, unsure
Who smugly cite
Pascal’s Wager
When asked,
“What if you’re wrong?”
It’s a simple question.
Does the answer scare you THAT much?
It would be easier to ask a procrastinating, overdrawn person
What their account balance is.

9-21-2011 — I’d Make a Lousy Atheist

I’d make a lousy atheist.
To eschew logic and common sense
To succomb to stubbornness
And insist
Unbelievably-complex organisms
Magically evolved
Instead of being designed.
I’d also have to believe
2 + 2 = 5
All politicians are honest.
Romans 1 tells us
Evidence for God’s existence
Is in surplus.

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