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Marathon vs. Sprint

Amazing how Christians can be. I can think of two Christians at college that seemed destined to go nowhere in life. One left after a semester because he didn’t like PCC’s rules and the other seemed to teeter on getting kicked out due to his attitude.

Both are serving the Lord now. One ministers through music and the other is a pastor who blogs.

Then there are the Christians I knew growing up and on-fire Christians I knew at college who are not only no longer serving God, they question their faith. One who studied for the ministry tells me he no longer thinks of the New Testament as God’s inspired word. In high school, I knew of a young man who was absolutely on fire for God. Today, his walk seems much less so.

If there is a way to describe it, I’d say it’s because Christianity should be lived as a marathon and not as a sprint.

As a sprint, it’s easy to burn white-hot bright for about five years…and then fade into cold darkness.

As a marathon, you pace yourself and purpose each day to do the basics: read the Word of God, spend time with God, talk to Him and let Him talk back to you. Sometimes it’s through the still, small voice, sometimes through something in the Bible that speaks to you in capital letters, and sometimes it’s through intuition.

I’ve been a Christian for 31 years; ever since the age of eight I’ve been on my way to heaven. Frankly, the finish line marking the entrance into heaven doesn’t seem any closer today than it did back in 1981. Ironic, since my death or the rapture could happen at any time. At times, it’s like I gasp for breath as I complete yet another lap and groan at how much further there is to go.

Please don’t give up. The worst thing is to look back upon your life and utter these two words: If only

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  1. Lance Tindol
    November 14, 2012 at 6:22 pm

    Richard, completely agree that you have to view it as a marathon rather than a sprint. But just like in any race, you need to train… with those that know what they are doing. 🙂 I have been through a lot of changes over this past year and through it all, I have become closer to God. Out of necessity? Definitely! But more importantly, out of want to. I knew of Jesus and knew that He died on the cross and rose again for my sins. But to surround myself with those that loved Jesus, knew Jesus, loved me and knew me was the best decision I ever made. They hold my feet to the fire and hold me accountable here on Earth.

    To your point, too many times, people will be on complete fire for Jesus when they first here the Word and accept Him. But then what? That inner circle (circle of influence – or whatever monikar you want to give it) of believers that you surround yourself with, need to hold you accountable; just as you with them. I think that is what Jesus did when He showed us how to live with the apostles. That is the outward presence each of us has. What scares me is when I’m by myself, alone with my thoughts and able to do things that no one would ever find out about. No one, except for Christ. That fear is either heeded or ignored… the choice is ours.

    It is a marathon that can end at any time. The fear of that ending should drive us to search Jesus on a daily basis and renew our quest to follow Him at any and all cost. Because, didn’t He do that for us already?

    Just some thoughts on what you wrote…


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