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Bidding on a Bible

So, I am currently bidding on a Bible on Ebay. I figure it beats bidding on a leftover piece of French toast Justin Bieber ate or, as “Weird Al” Yankovic described in his song “Ebay”, William Shatner’s old toupee.

This Bible is a New King James New Open Study Bible. I like the NKJV, and I am very fond of the New Open Study Bible. They apparently aren’t printed anymore and, when you can find them, aren’t cheap.

Case in point: I once saw a brand-new KJV NOSB, and the buy-it-now option was for about $300.

So now, I wait to see if I get this Bible. Lots of cool notes (did you know that the ancient Assyrians NEVER mentioned their military defeats in their official records–only their victories?). And lots of sentimental value.

I used to have a KJV NOSB. It was given to me as a high school graduation gift from my pastor. I used it at college and had lots of ministerial autographs in it. Also lots of Bible notes and, most importantly, the names of those whom I’ve led to the Lord.

And then, it was stored in the basement of a dump we lived in. The sump pump failed, and the basement flooded. The Bible was ruined. I was upset for weeks.

Will my bid be the winner? I’ll find out tomorrow night.

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