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My Bible bid bites the dust

A few hours ago, someone again outbid me for the NKJV New Open Bible I wanted.

After some thought, I chose not to bid further.

There comes a time when you reach your limit. And, of course, it always seems odd how you place a bid and somebody immediately outbids you. I wonder sometimes if the seller will set up a fake I.D. to try to drive up the price.

Yes, I really wanted this Bible, but I just felt it was getting too expensive to continue bidding on. And, if this makes any sense, it no longer felt right. Lately I’ve grown to trust my intuition more and more. Besides, one friend told me the Bible’s also on sale at Amazon. Used but reasonable.

new open bible

I imagine some reading this from the confines of an Independent Fundamental Baptist church would simply say “Tsk! Tsk!” and admonish me for bidding on a New King James Bible. God didn’t want you to have such a sinful Bible, they might say. That’s why He allowed someone else to outbid you! Repent NOW, sinner!!!

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