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Quality versus quantity

In my life, I’ve known several Christians who died long before they reached a ripe old age. Terry was in his early to mid 30s, and left behind a wife and young daughter. April was in her mid to late 40s and left behind a husband and teenage sons. Then there was the close friend whose brother-in-law–a missionary–was killed after being struck by a drunk driver.

We also remember that William Borden, who forsook his claim to the Borden Dairy empire to become a missionary to Muslim Chinese, died at 25. And in the Bible, Enoch was called to heaven at a relatively young age. Jesus was crucified and resurrected at around 33. I remember at one time in Scripture He told His disciples he still had much more to teach them, but they weren’t able to receive it yet.

The natural thing to wonder is: why would God allow all of these to have such short lives? Couldn’t they have done even more for Christianity if they’d lived longer?

I don’t even pretend to know the answer, but I do feel it boils down to this: quality versus quantity.

Some people live into their nineties but do absolutely nothing for the Lord while some who die young left behind a legacy of ministering, encouraging, praying, teaching, giving.

For me, it’s a reminder that the time to serve the Lord is NOW.

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