Need to hire a blogger?

If so, I can work for you.

My name is Richard Zowie (my real name, by the way), and I’ve been an active blogger for about three years. I’ve used several sites but prefer WordPress. Currently, I operate four different blogs: Richard Zowie, Writer (my writing career); From A to Zowie (my opinions on life); Richard’s Two Shekels (Christian issues) and Ponderings From Pluto (satire). I have also blogged for other people, most recently at Bleacher Report.

Here is what I propose: for each blog posting you call me or e-mail details of what you would like in the post. I write it and e-mail you the draft. Once and only it is written to your satisfaction, it would then be posted either by you or by me.

Ideally, I prefer to work for 15 cents per word (making a 300-word blog assignment worth $45). You would pay only for the final version you approve.

If the price concerns you, I am flexible. However, I will not work for free. If you prefer to pay two dollars for a 300-word posting, please keep in mind you will get what you pay for. Think of it as offering a mechanic two dollars to install a new alternator: not everybody can repair engines (despite being the son of a mechanic, I know I can’t), and not everybody can write.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to visit my blogs and ask any questions you might have. If you like what you see, e-mail me at Maybe we can do business. I am also available as a web content writer.

– Richard Zowie

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