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Romans 1 and the search for God

October 15, 2009 Leave a comment

I had an algebra teacher in high school who liked to encourage students to solve the problems on their own. Each time I’d ask her how to do an equation, she’d say, “Richard, the answer is in your notes.”

I have to imagine many will face God someday in the Great White Throne Judgment. Some might have been atheists, others agnostics and others apatheists (those who are indifferent towards the idea of God). Perhaps the conversation will go like this:

God: Why did you choose to reject Me and My Son?

Person: Lord, I didn’t know you existed!

God: What more evidence could you have possibly needed? Romans 1:18-25, tells you there’s more than enough evidence to prove My Existence. But you chose to ignore it.

Romans 1 gets a lot of attention as the chapter in the Bible that talks about God’s condemnation of homosexuality, and while I believe it does, I think people don’t realize the chapter specifically talks also about how God gives us the evidence we need to prove He exists. Those who reject it are left to their own twisted, irrational ways of thinking.

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