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Still looking for a church to attend

One of the things I love about working 54 hours a week is that it makes paying bills on time much, much easier.

One of the things I loathe about those hours is it makes it extremely difficult to try out local churches.

Since May, I’ve been to one church service. Otherwise I’ve had to work on Sundays or have been so tired from marathons on Saturday night and having to work another marathon Sunday afternoon that church has been difficult to get to.

What are we looking for? A church that teaches the Bible, preaches the Gospel and does not confuse personal preferences with convictions. (Yes, I know what Deuteronomy 22:6 says about women’s attire, but expecting a woman to wear only a dress up here in Michigan when it drops to -10 degrees below zero is ridiculous).

I have visited Vassar, Mich.’s First Baptist Church and found it to be pretty good. Frankenmuth Bible Church, where I went on Easter, wasn’t bad but overall just wasn’t a good fit for my family. I’d love to go to a church in Vassar, but I’m also noting to myself that it would not hurt to look at churches in Birch Run or Bridgeport.

Lord willing, soon I’ll have better news to report.

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