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A poem about wanting to be someone else

February 9, 2011 Leave a comment

2-8-11 — Somebody Else

Pink said it very well

When she sang, frustrated

Of her looks

Of her actions

Of Britney Spears.

“I wanna be somebody else.”

When I listen to that song

It’s often as if it’s my voice

On the radio.

I think of my strange accent

That can’t decide between

Kansas, Texas or Michigan.

I think of all the places

–too many to list–

That I’m dying to go.

I think of all the

Impulsive things

That I’m dying to do

And I wonder if I’ll ever

Go or Do.

The hobbies,

Discovered and undiscovered

That may do little more

Than collect dust

In the bored bright blue playground

Of my imagination.

I think my ever

Exponentially increasing

“To do” list

And how it’s like

Sprinting in a swimming pool

Chest-dep in water

Trying to get it all done.

I wanna be somebody else

So I can have

An empty to-do list.

The freedom

To travel

To do

To explore

To learn

To know.


I well know those dreams

Come naturally.

Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes

Man’s duty is to glorify God

And be content in his labor.

Being busy and happy

Is the key

To traveling

To doing

To exploring

To learning.

To knowing

That somebody else

I wanna be

Is really

The godly person that

God knows I’m capable

Of becoming.

Richard Zowie hopes too many Christians won’t be offended at the reference of pop star Pink on his Christian blog. Post comments here or e-mail him at