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What’s your favorite book in the Bible?

For me, it’s Ecclesiastes.

I’ve blogged my way through the book, and in the next few weeks or so I’ll post on this blog what I’ve written.

Quite simply, it’s an Old Testament book about a king named Solomon who had everything he could possibly want in life (money, power, fame, women, knowledge, wisdom and women) and was still completely miserable. In short, it’s a late-life observation of Solomon’s life, the mistakes he made, the things he did and his ultimate conclusion that true contentment and happiness comes from God. We cannot fill the God void with money, fame, sex, knowledge and power and then wonder why we have no peace.

Solomon makes this observation: there is nothing better in life than to work, be content and honor God.

The same rings true for a 21st century Christian, doesn’t it?

Of course, I also like Revelation and other books.

Tell me, Christian Reader, what your favorite book of the Bible is. I’d love to read your thoughts.

Richard Zowie, a 1995 graduate of Pensacola Christian College and a Christian since 1981, remains a humble student of God. Post comments here or e-mail Richard at