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Keeping on, even when it hurts

November 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Back in 1989, we had a revival at church. It was considered a “mystery meeting” since the revival was designed more for the church members rather than as an evangelization tool for the public. Topics included “Church Attendance”, preached by one always-energetic evangelist who would end up making a statement my pastor didn’t quite agree with; “Bible Study” by another pastor…

…And to close out the week, “Keeping On” by one pastor from the Austin region. The pastor approached the pulpit in suit jacket and tie, but his Sunday-morning-appropriate attire didn’t last long. As he began preaching energetically in a medium, gravelly voice, he removed the coat and took off his tie. Soon, he thundered from the pulpit wearing an open-throated, short-sleeved dress shirt.

I suppose to a person who loves to think of Independent, Fundamental Baptists in caricatured concepts, it would’ve been an interesting spectacle. But to a Christian who has seen other believers get chewed up and spat out by Satan, it carried a very serious message: no matter what happens in your walk with God, you have to “keep on”.

Forget about trying. Instead, DO!


This past week, I got some very sad news from my family. Add that onto living in an area of the country where, save for my sons, I have no blood relatives within about 1,000 miles; working to make ends meet; seeing the world get uglier and uglier; being alone in the emotional sense; seeing wonderful Christian friends drop from the faith over the years like flies.

What is the sense of keeping on? Why not just give up?

I’m 39 and will turn 40 in a little over two months. I’ve been a Christian for 31 years. There are many days where I feel I still have much to learn and much more maturing to do. Sometimes I find myself amazed at how I’ve changed in my walk over the years. Some for the good. Some…it’s hard to say if it’s realizing God’s not inside a box as I thought He was or if I am indeed floating too far off the path.

There are times when I wish the race were over. It’s like being on lap 5 of an eight-lap race and being encouraged by a coach to keep going. Before you know it, the race will be over. You try to convince your aching legs and burning lungs of that news.

In reality, what matters is not how far you run the race but how you run the race. Some do wonderful things for God and are dead by their 30th birthday. Some live to be 95 and do nothing for God. Nothing is worse as a Christian than running the race poorly and seeing all the missed opportunites to be a blessing.

Keep on. Please.

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