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What does this Christian think of ‘Prometheus’?

October 3, 2012 Leave a comment

This past summer, I treated myself to a movie at the theaters. One of my all-time favorite movies is the sci-fi thriller Alien, so when I heard that Prometheus was a prequel, I decided to watch.

Prometheus, directed by Ridley Scott (who also directed Alien), is one of those films that you really have to see a few times to really grasp all its nuances. What it strikes me as is a vivid, but hardly exhaustive explanation of events that took place before Alien. We also learn from the film that a human-like alien race apparently created the human race, perhaps in the form of dropping seeds off on earth and letting them germinate and evolve. Basically, it’s what I’ve heard Dr. Richard Dawkins speculate how mankind came about when pressed about the countless problems within evolution and the countless unanswered questions. I suppose that’s more plausible to him than just admitting a supreme intelligence created it all.

Some did not like Prometheus because they felt it presented a premise that shattered the tenants of Christianity. To me, as a Christian who believes in intelligent design and has lots of questions, it is science fiction. A fascinating film at that.

Do I believe there is intelligent life on other planets? It’s possible, considering the billions of galaxies out there. I doubt we’ll know until heaven just how majestic God is in His creation. Maybe there are other worlds with humans or non-humans. I suspect that for now, God has deemed it unnecessary for us to learn directly about them. 

Or, maybe we are alone.

For now, I watch Prometheus and Alien and count them as one theory and go from there.

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From the ‘Just when you think you’ve heard it all’ file

I understand some atheists are now having “debaptizing” ceremonies now for those who wish to break from their religious faiths and become a disbeliever in God.

According to this report, one person “unbaptized” by someone “drying” them with a blow dryer that had “Reason” written on it.

It’s symbolic, of course, since the person no doubt has long since dried from their initial baptism. I know I have: I was first baptized in 1981 and then re-baptized about nine years later after I reaffirmed my salvation.

With all due respect (I have a friend from Christian college who’s now a professing atheist), I’m a little puzzled why atheists seem to think they have cornered the market on “reason”, “enlightenment” and “free thinking”. I’ve encountered a few atheists and agnostics in my time and have found, more often than not, anyone who believes in God or—even worse—intelligent design is an ignorant fool who can’t possibly understand the way the world really works.

Never mind that Dissent from Darwin shows a long list of well-educated scientists and professors who are skeptical of Darwin and evolution and feel far too few questions are being asked and explored—critically studying evolution inexplicably doesn’t belong in the classroom.

Never mind that books like Michael Behe’s Darwin’s Black Box explore the growing difficulties evolution is having in trying to be reconciled with science.

I wonder if that’s why American children lag behind in science.

I suppose anyone atheist who sees this post will insist on my reading Christopher Hitchens’ God is Not Great or Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion. Perhaps they should, in fairness, read ex-atheist Lee Stroebel’s Case for a Creator.